Prosper vs Lending club

Are you interested investing with great return on investment. The chance that is buzzling is investing on peer to peer loans. A group of investors give loan for person who is looking for a peer to peer loan and can meet the requirements of the loan. Return on investment is said to be high, reaching 10% or even 20% for one loan. You can be part of several loan and the idea is to divide your principal and personal risk on several loans and customers.


Some of the most famous peer to peer companies are Prosper, Upstart and Lending Club. According to our studies on the interest rates between these competitors, the winner is Upstart. But that is only based on our study on specific date on specific person and history. Probably because of the low interest rate, Upstart has only very good reputation and said to deal the loans properly and without any hidden fees.


According to our studies about lending limits, we had two winners, both Upstart and Prosper gave us the same maximum lending limit. Again, these were only for one date and only for one person and history, so you might get different result for yourself and it is advisable to try all of these service providers before making the final decision. The lowest fees were on LendingClub, which made it a very interesting loan provider. For some of the, the thing that matter, is to get money quickly on bank account. Prosper was the winner on that and delivered the money faster than we even noticed.